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PreBit innovation will change global markets with free profits for the people. No one is excluded in our global fight against inequality.

Generating People wealth

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Generating income

Sell tokens through the Prebit profit buy back scheme.


supporting small business

Gain free Prebit tokens from small business, tradesman and sole trader members.


Backing British Industry

Securing British industry and innovation for the benefit of every resident.

Free investment for Britain`s residents

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Time for change - For the people

Transparant profit share.

Working for every resident.

Supporting small business and tradesman.

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PeopleProfit logo
PeopleProfit logo

Your Britain - your profit

Every business under the people profit project guarantees 75% of all profits back to the people.

United for all to benefit, securing jobs, reducing the cost of living and increasing individual wage and wealth.

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Business Centre

Senior executives passionate that the people of Britain receive financial reward for supporting Britain`s economy.

Local Community

Local professionals you can trust. Supported by local communities.

People Profit

Innovating global markets with free profits for the people.


Innovating global major industries for the people of Britain.